ISTE Standard 4: Let’s Make A Glog

ISTE Standard 4: Glogster

Students are able to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make decisions using digital tools and resources.Glogster

Question:  What online tools can teachers use to help students research, create and manage innovative project presentations?


In this article, Jamie Renton writes about and how students can use this website (and app!!) to analyze and organize information and then create interactive virtual project presentations. Renton highlights 3 main benefits to this program. Firstly, Glogster increases digital literacy by using technology tools to organize and display knowledge and understanding. Additionally, Glogster enables schools to meet and educational technology and content area standards for creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, and digital citizenship. Another benefit of Glogster is it gives diverse learners options for acquiring information and knowledge which facilitates problem solving and critical thinking skills. According to Kuo, Chen and Hwang (2014), research has proven that students’ high-order thinking ability, such as problem-solving, and critical thinking ability, could be effectively improved by means of searching for web-based resource. Glogster gives students the opportunity to compile the information that they have collected, organize it and present it.  This application is a great tool for creating interactive poster presentations on different research and interest topics. I like that students are able to collect data, images and videos and then pick and choose what information they add to their Glog. The downside of Glogster is it is not free and requires a yearly registration fee of approximately $95 per year.

Kuo, F. R., Chen, N. S., & Hwang, G. J. (2014). A creative thinking approach to enhancing the web-based problem solving performance of university students. Computers & Education, 72(c), 220–230

Glogster Coogle


3 thoughts on “ISTE Standard 4: Let’s Make A Glog

  1. ryderd1

    Hi Katie,
    Glogster sounds like such an interesting way to present information. I love that it allows students to organize their information and then create a digital presentation. I wish this existed when I was in middle school! It would have made managing projects much easier! Do you know if the $95 per year fee covers an entire classroom or is that per student? Unfortunately if that is per student, it would be inaccessible to many schools.
    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Kathryn Wright bPortfolio Post author

      Hi Carden,
      Great question! The pricing is as follows:

      – Elementary Schools: $39 per year for 1 educator and 30 Students
      – Secondary Schools: $95 per year for 1 educator and 125 students
      – Faculty: $390 per year for 10 educators and 250 students

      They also offer quotes for full school or district accessibility.



  2. allymariec


    I have never heard of Glogster before, but I like the idea of students being able to comprise the information they’ve collected and present it through images. This definitely ties in well to the ISTE standard this week and is a great way for students to work on decision making, I did have question about Coggle. I have just been copying the link and putting it in my posts, but I wanted to know how you get a picture of it in your post? Thanks!




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