ISTE Standard 1 : The Google Classroom

Question: What are the benefits of combining a traditional face-to-face classroom with an online classroom in a special education classroom?

This week, I have learned that the focus behind ISTE Standard 1 is to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity through innovative thinking, the use of digital tools and resources, and partnering face-to-face and virtual environments. Technology is becoming more and more accessible in schools throughout our country. In accordance with ISTE Standagoogle classroomrd 1, the Google classroom is an innovative way to inspire student learning. Within the classroom, students can view their syllabus, create a calendar, complete assignments, work on journal entries, and collaborate with other Google products. Information can be shared instantaneously with the click of a button between students and teachers. According to Deaton et al. (2013), the application and purposeful use of software and hardware helps learners to manipulate and generate unique interpretations and to represent their knowledge flexibly and meaningfully. In turn, such approaches encourage students to become creative, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and effective users of technology. The potential for the Google classroom is vast. Students can create projects using applications such as iMovie and Prezi and link them to the classroom for their classmates to view.

Over the course of the week, my mind has been filled with numerous different project ideas for my future students using these applications. Digital storytelling is a new concept to me and I find its application possibilities very exciting. I work in a special education classroom where we strive to help our students create internship portfolios. With the use of digital storytelling, I am now looking forward to apply this concept to virtual internship portfolios.

Deaton, C. C. M., Deaton, B. E., Ivankovi, D., & Norris, F. A. (2013). Creating stop-motion videos with iPads to support student’ understanding of cell processes. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 30(2), 67-73.


4 thoughts on “ISTE Standard 1 : The Google Classroom

  1. ahoffner

    Hi Katie! I enjoyed reading your blog! I am amazed by how quickly technology is changing. I think that google classroom sounds like a very useful tool for organizing as well as for collaboration between students and teachers. The only thing I would suggest is that you add a reference from one of the ISTE Standard 1 readings. But I think you have a wonderful post here, it would just enhance the resource and standard connections! 🙂

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  2. andersone11

    Hi Katie,
    Your post is so relevant because I just attended a conference sponsored by the Bureau of Education and Research that focused on all the amazing ways to integrate technology into the classroom. I came away with pages of notes. One of the ones I am most excited about is Google classroom that will better allow us to maintain cohesiveness between multiple classes and share and discuss online. I am also excited about the digital storytelling apps like Imovie and puppetpals and the apps that let students make their own brochures, posters, and cartoons. I am excited (and I can tell you are too) to let my students get creative with the material in new ways this year.


  3. leathermanme

    I too had many ideas for my future classroom. It’s great that educators are embracing technology in the classroom and helping students integrate it further. I like some of your ideas here, especially the digital storytelling, and I’m thinking this can branch out further and include apps, games, movies, etc. that can also be used as effective tools.



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